Why R Y Z ?


Having started nearly 1.5 years ago, we have the experience to tackle any idea. Anyone can purchase a drone with a camera but few have the experience or know-how to be considered a professional. As the old adage goes, “If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional, wait until you hire an amateur.”


Aerial photography and cinematography is our passion and that’s why we are striving to improve each and every day. We take the perfect blend of passion and hard work that results in a professionally finished product for our clients. This isn’t a hobby, it’s a passion driven career for us.


John Ruskin once said, “Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of intelligent effort.” We strive to offer the very best quality of any other aerial provider. With an industry flooded with hobbyist, a high quality product is key. We guarantee you’ll be blown away by the quality of work we produce.

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Know the difference

Aerial photography and cinematography is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. With entry level equipment at such an affordable price nearly anyone can get started and it’s important to keep this in mind when you’re looking for someone to hire. Just as you wouldn’t want an amateur with an iPhone to photograph your daughters wedding you wouldn’t want someone who’s not professionally qualified to film or photograph your project. Below are a few comparisons to what an amateur might use compared to a professional. Keep in mind the smaller platform may be necessary in certain situations but if it’s the only rig they have then they might just be a hobbyist looking for a quick buck.

Less Powerful/ Stable


The DJI Phantom is the most common drone on the market because of its affordability. Wind has a much greater affect on its stability and it is harder to get the butter smooth shots in all conditions. Constantly getting props in your shot is also a problem to expect.

Fixed Aperture/ Small Sensor


The GoPro Hero, Phantom Vision, Phantom 3, and Inspire X3 cameras all suffer from similar problems. The small sensors on these devices means less light. Low light shots are either very dark or have a lot of noise in them. The fixed aperture also limits what you can do. Although some of these shoot 4k video, the quality isn’t the same as a DSLR camera.


More Powerful/ Stable


The Inspire 1 Pro is a much larger and powerful machine but also a much more expensive rig. Capable of fighting higher wind speeds and flying at much quicker speeds the I1 Pro is another beast. Full 360 camera rotation and lifting arms are just a few of the great features on the I1 Pro.

Micro 4/3 (MFT) DSLR


The X5 MFT camera is a first of its kind. This camera is the first built specifically for use on a drone. The larger sensor allows for much greater low light shots, like those taken around dawn or dusk when the lighting is just right. The X5 also gives the user the ability to adjust aperture on the fly. The X5 also has a higher megapixel count for aerial photos coming in at 16mp.

Fully Insured

Not only do we take what we do serious, we take the safety of our clients belongings very serious. We are fully insured meaning you can be worry free while we are performing aerial services. Many claim to have liability insurance for their aerial services but many times that is not the case. Just because a photographer or videographer previously had insurance for their business doesn’t mean their drone is covered. Another misunderstanding is that AMA (Academy of Model Aeronautics) members are covered. The AMA only covers it’s members when they are flying at designated R/C air fields. Be sure to request a COI before the damage has been done.



We are an aerial cinematography and photography team with a goal of telling your story the best way possible. We believe a viewer may not remember the specifics of what they see but that they will remember how they feel and we approach all of our projects with that in mind.


We are based in the beautiful Miami Florida but we also love to travel the world. We are fortunate to have such an amazing place as our palette for aerial creativity. Don’t hesitate to click the contact tab to reach out to us.


With all of the negative news regarding drones, we make it our priority to take safety very serious. We are a fully insured drone company and we keep our flights within the regulations of the FAA (FAR 91.13). Our safety precautions are exercised before and after every flight.

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