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This short clip is based off of the intro for the movie The Italian Job (1969). The beginning of the movie shows a Ferrari driving on a curvy mountain road with Matt Monro singing “On Days Like These.” This video mimics each shot of the original and is shot in the North Carolina mountains. The original version can be found here, https://vimeo.com/148682907 Password: 1969

The award-winning golf course is the crown jewel of Hound Ears Club. Surrounded by lush, colorful mountains on just about every side, the 18-hole course stands as one of the preeminent clubs in the High Country, as well as North Carolina. But, don’t take our word for it, just ask the North Carolina Golf Panel – they rated Hound Ears among the Top 100 in the state for the seventh consecutive year in 2013. Hound Ears Golf Course was designed by George Cobb in 1964.


We are an aerial cinematography and photography team with a goal of telling your story the best way possible. We believe a viewer may not remember the specifics of what they see but that they will remember how they feel and we approach all of our projects with that in mind.


We are based in the beautiful Miami, Florida but we also love to travel the world. We are fortunate to have such an amazing place as our palette for aerial creativity. Don’t hesitate to click the contact tab to reach out to us.


With all of the negative news regarding drones, we make it our priority to take safety very serious. We are a fully insured drone company and we keep our flights within the regulations of the FAA (FAR 91.13). Our safety precautions are exercised before and after every flight.

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